Phone System Questions.
How long do I have to wait to put in the extension I need?
As soon as you hear the greeting you may enter the extension at any time.
Q. Who do I talk to about:
For Hours of Operation and Facility directions.
Press 5
For Recycling Information
Press 6
For Accounts Receivable, all county residential & Commercial billing
Press 12
For Administrative Assistant/Accounts Payable.
Press 14
For Personal or Finical Coordinator
Press 17
For Operational Supervisor
Press 19
For Maintenance/recycling/roll off requests/Field Operations
Press 23
When are the bills due?
Residential customers are billed quarterly, so the due dates are January 25th, April 25th, July 25th, and October 25th.
Commercial customers are billed monthly, and payments are due by the 20th of each month.
Why didn't I get a bill?
In order to keep cost down, we send out our current billing on postcard size cards. While being sorted and or delivered by the post office, in many cases the cards can get nudged into magazines, newspapers, junk mail inserts and other such items. If you do not receive your bill by the middle of the month, try looking though these items, or you may either visit us at 26590 US Hwy 70 Ruidoso Downs, or call us at 575-378-4697 Ext 12, and we will be able to inform you of the current amount due.
If I didn't get a bill, what should I do?
You can either call us at 575-378-4697 Ext. 12, or stop by our office at 26590
US Hwy 70 Ruidoso Downs.

Where are we located.
We are located at 26590 US Hwy 70, Ruidoso Downs. Approximately 2.5 Miles East of the Ruidoso Downs Police Station. Directly across the street from Dud's and Sud's Laundromat.
What recycled material do GSWA pay for, and how much do you pay for recycled material
Click HERE for current prices and material.
What form of payments do we take?
At this time we only accept payments by Cash, Check, Money Order
What should we know about brush pickup?
The Greentree Solid Waste Authority will pick up residential tree waste (trunks and limbs up to 6” in diameter and in sections no more than 4 feet long, plus needles and leaves) in the Ruidoso Downs, and Sun Valley Water District areas. Stack material on your property in one pile along a relatively level stretch of road, keeping piles clear of overhead power lines, poles or fences. Piles should not include household trash, lumber or construction trash, dirt, rocks or large stumps. Grappler service is provided on a rotating schedule. Residential customers not in Ruidoso Downs or the Sun Valley Water District who need yard waste pickup or customers clearing vacant lots can contact Greentree Solid Waste Authority for current prices for collection. Commercial businesses needing this or any trash disposal or recycling service should call 575-378-4697 or toll free 1-877-548-8772.
<February 2024>
Call us about our current drop-off rate as well as our current Roll-Off specials 575-378-4697
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