3 Yard Side Load Dumpsters

If you are a commercial business who needs one or more dumpsters, or someone who needs a private dumpster on your property, Greentree Solid Waste Authority has 3 yard dumpsters available for weekly pickup.

Items that should not be put in the 3 yard dumpsters include but are not limited to:

Construction Debris
Hot/Warm Ashes
Green Waste
Still Liquid Paint and Oil
Hazardous Waste
Lead Acid Batteries
Concrete and Rocks

Please contact the Greentree Solid Waste Authority office at 575-378-4697 for availability in your area and current pricing.

When Getting A Dumpster Consider The following

The Right Space

The dumpster needs to be on a flat, ground level surface that is away from fences, vehicles, structures and not under any utility lines or trees.

No Parking

Vehicles should not be allowed to park next to the dumpster, as this will prevent the driver from being able to pick up the dumpster to empty it.

Extra Pickups

If your dumpster gets prematurely full, and you need it emptied before your next scheduled day, you can call us to see if we are in the area and able to empty your dumpster for and additional fee.

Bag Your Trash

When loose papers and material or open bags are placed in the dumpster, there is a chance that the trash can blow out while the dumpsters is getting emptied. Like you, we do not like seeing trash on the side of the roads or in the forest. So please help us keep our area safe and clean for our wildlife and community.